Saturday, 29 August 2015

Blog Tour - 3 SECONDS

3 Seconds by Bethany Lopez is out now! I interviewed Bethany, and am sharing her answers with you. 
A lot can happen in 3 Seconds. It's the space of time between walking onstage and stepping up to the mic. It’s that moment when your eyes meet across a crowded room and the chemistry between you is undeniable.

Bronagh has accomplished a lot in her thirty-five years. A successful pub owner and happy divorcée, she's learned to enjoy life, but have realistic expectations. Her past has taught her that it's best not to depend on others, but that doesn't mean she won't sample a tasty morsel when it's right in front of her.

After taking a break from culinary school to travel abroad, Brendan is back and eager to finish what he started. Although he relishes the nights he gets to play with his brothers in their band, and enjoys their healthy supply of groupies, he's ready to start acting like the twenty-something that he is…a fact he craves to prove with Bronagh.

What starts as a one-night-stand becomes more when Bronagh and Brendan realize that they can't walk away. But can a younger man who's prone to late nights and scantily-clad women convince a woman who's been hurt that age doesn't matter, and he's the man she needs?

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Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She's a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.

Bethany Lopez is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Q: What is your favourite scene from this book?
A: I loved the scenes with Bronagh and her friends, and Brendan and his brothers. I love writing group scenes with lots of dialogue and banter. 
Q: What was your inspiration to write this book?
A: Brendan's story has been marinated since he was first introduced as Brock's brother, and the lead singer of their band, Whiskey Heat. We get a little of his back story in previous books, the fact that he's in culinary school, a bit of a player, and really close with his brothers, but I was excited to find the woman who would make him commit, and delve a little more into his relationship with his brothers. I thought it would be fun to pair him with an older woman, and to see their journey from meaningless sex to something more. I needed him to be with a strong female lead, who wouldn't take any of his crap. I love these brothers, and it was a lot of fun to learn more about them.

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